Terms of Service and Conditions
These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between you, the participant in sailing trips or training courses, and us. They should promote a clear relationship. The partners of the service area are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective provider.

Contract conclusion:
For the participation in our sailing trips a binding registration is necessary. This is done for each participant individually by fax or in writing by mail to sailing-worldwide.

The contract is concluded with the acceptance of the registration by, for which it does not require any special form. We inform you about the conclusion of the contract with the written booking confirmation.

The registrations will be considered according to the order of arrival. If there are more participants than seats / bunks are available, a waiting list will be created. Applicants on the waiting list will move up if they are already registered. Nevertheless, no participation should be possible because z. If the maximum number of participants has been exceeded, the contribution made up to that point will be refunded in full.

Withdrawal by the customer:
If you - for whatever reason - withdraw from your binding registration, the & nbsp; Cancellation charges:

12 weeks and more before course start 50% of course fee
less than 12 weeks and up to 6 weeks before the course starts 80% of the course fee
less than 6 weeks 100% of the course fee

Resignation and termination by sailing-worldwide:
If the description of the trip expressly refers to a minimum number of participants and if this is not achieved, then can withdraw from the contract if it has quantified the minimum number of participants in the brochure and specified the date by which the cancellation declaration is to be given to the participant contractually agreed upon commencement of travel must have arrived at the latest, and he clearly indicated in the travel confirmation on these details
A resignation is to be declared at the latest 28 days before the agreed travel start to the
Payments made on the travel price will be refunded to the participant immediately.

Does the participant in spite of a corresponding warning by sustainable or behave in such a measure contrary to the contract, that a continuation of the contract until the agreed termination or the expiration of a notice period with him is unreasonable (eg he disturbs the trip sustainable and he opposes the instructions of the skipper), or otherwise violated the contract, can terminate the travel contract without observing a deadline.

In doing so, retains the claim to the travel price minus the value of saved expenses and, if applicable, reimbursements by service providers or similar advantages, which they obtain from the other use of the unused service. Any additional costs for the return transport shall be borne by the disturber himself. 
Unused services, canceled by participants:
If the participant does not use individual services as a result of premature return / cancellation of the trip, due to illness or other reasons not attributable to, the participant is not entitled to a pro-rata refund of the cruise price.

Participation of the trip participant: & nbsp; The participant is obliged to cooperate in the event of performance disruptions within the scope of the statutory provisions on the obligation to mitigate damages, to avoid any possible damage or to keep it low. It is up to the participant, if necessary, to have his doctor check with him before the trip if his physical constitution allows him to take part in a sailing trip with the typical demands (swimming in the deep water).

Sailing experience:
You do not need to have any sailing experience to participate in our sailing trips unless explicitly stated.

Sailing trips: at least 4 participants, unless otherwise stated in the description

SBF, SKS, UBI, SRC Courses: minimum 4 participants. 

Maximum number of participants in radio courses (SRC, UBI):
10 people at compact courses in Kaiserslautern,
16 people for normal classes.

Courses we give on behalf of other schools may differ.

Sailboat and Motorboat Cruises:
You sign up with our crew contract, which you send back signed, obligingly to the participation in the booked trip and are bound as a participant with their signature to the registration.

Please refer to the supplementary terms and conditions for trips to the crew contract. & Nbsp; & Nbsp; If the minimum number of participants of 5 is not reached, there is no right to carry out the trip.

Price changes and errors excepted.

Exclusion of claims / deadlines, limitation:
Travel contractual warranty claims are to be asserted within one month after the contractually provided termination of the journey exclusively to

After expiry of the one-month period, the traveler can only assert claims if he has been prevented from observing the deadline through no fault of his own or if the claims are tortious. Travel contract claims of the participant according to §§ 651c to 651f BGB expire in one year. The limitation begins on the day on which the trip should end after the contract.

Hovering between the customer and Negotiating the claim or the circumstances giving rise to the claim, otherwise the statute of limitations is suspended until the participant or sailing-worldwide denies the negotiations. The statute of limitations occurs at the earliest 3 months after the end of the inhibition. Claims for tort are subject to legal Statute of limitations.

Validity of the agreement: & nbsp; Should individual conditions or parts of this agreement be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the other parts of the contract. The same applies if it turns out that this agreement contains a loophole.

Instead of the ineffective or unenforceable part or to fill the gap, this agreement shall be designed to come as close as possible to the intended purpose. Disputes on board are judged according to German law. German law applies exclusively to this contract. Jurisdiction and place of performance is Kaiserslautern.

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